As of June 5th, 40 of us are planning to gather at Bella Beach to catch up on family news, get to know each other better, laugh a lot, have some fun and adventures, walk or play on the beach, eat some good food, and generally share some quality time.

As detailed on our Things to Do web page, there are numerous oportunities for large or small groups, family units, or individuals to plan and participate in one or more optional activities. ALERT! If you are hoping to go on a Dune Buggy Ride, you will need to make your reservations before you arrive. TODDLER ALERT! There will be 3 girls, ages 12 (Hannah), 11 (Audrey), & 9 (Maddie) who will be happy to read stories or color or otherwise entertain toddlers in order to give the mommys, daddys and grandparents some help.

Wednesday Night Dinner: If you are hungry or want to socialize, Karen & Bill will have a variety of sandwich makings  deli salads, beverages, etc at their house, the BellaView.

Breakfasts & Lunches: Except on Saturday, each family is in charge of their own breakfast and lunch meals.

Happy Hours on Thursday & Friday: Every day all who are interested can gather in Susan and Rick Jamerson's back yard for a BYO or Potluck of drinks and appetizers. Their house is BARRACUDA COVE (#21 on the Bella Beach Map).

Thursday Dinner: EAT IN SHIFTS - A meal of Barbequed Pulled Chicken and accompanyments will be served between 5:30 & 7:30 at the BellaView.

Friday Dinner: BEACH PICNIC - Kennedy - Smith faction will plan a picnic on the beach. Maybe even have a bonfire and roast hotdogs and make S'mores.

Saturday Lunch: DINING OUT - We are looking for 5-6 fun local restaurants that will take reservations for 6-10 people for lunch. Watch for an e-mail with additional information and a chance to sign up (First come - First choice). Links to the restaurants are
on the Saturday Lunch page. We'll post people's choices there and here.

Saturday Dinner: EXTENDED HAPPY HOUR - Empty your refrigerators and get together for a Potluck Dinner of everybody's dinner, lunch and snack leftovers.
Saturday Lunch Out Selections
Kyllos Seafood Grill  
Blackfish Cafe Don & Nancy, Angie,
Ben & Alice
Tidal Raves Bill & Karen
Puerto Vallerta  
The Wildflower Grill  
McMenimins Lighthouse Brew Pub Ben & Alice