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Bill Jackson
May 13, 1942 Plymouth MN retired Married 2
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Karen Farrell (Jackson)
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February 29, 1944 Plymouth MN Grandmother Married 2
“Just about the time a woman thinks her work is done, she becomes a grandmother.” » Edward H. Dreschnack

I am looking forward to wonderful conversations, lots of laughter, wading in the waves, walking on the beach, and watching the waves while drinking margaritas with some of my favorite people.

Hoping to see everybody there!
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Audrey Charchian
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November 14, 2005 plymouth MN Student at Providence Academy Single
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Laura Jackson (Wetterstrom)
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October 01, 1971 Plymouth MN Treasury Management Consultant - Banking Married 1
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Hannah Jackson
March 09, 2005 Hanover MN Freshman at Buffalo High School Single
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Maddie Jackson
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December 31, 2007 Hanover MN Student at Buffalo Middle School Single
Robin Rex Kennedy
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Springfield MO Letter Carrier Single 1
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Emily Selph
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November 24 Columbia SC Doc McStuffins in training Single 15
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Phil Kennedy
July 28, 1949 Vaughn WA critic Married 2

Center of Effort


“Centre of Effort: a point of the sail plan of a sailing vessel through which the resultant of all wind forces is assumed to act.” – The Oxford Companion to Ships & the Sea


Close-hauled on Lake Calhoun, beneath my bare feet

Sea-scout chevrons on a hot canvas deck.

“Sheet out” says skipper Don, and we bear off

To a rifle-shot reach, ripping through Minneapolis 

And summer. English bicycles and shady streets,

Root-rumpled walks and grassy parks pounded bare

And smooth in favorite spots by the feet of children.


Up the stairs to the Jackson home by Lake of the Isles

Clif’s rosiny studio at the top of the steps

The kitchen table, with kitchen wrapped all around like a hug, and food.

The dog Rondo in the back hall, the lure of the mystery attics.

At Thanksgiving, the huge Jackson table pushes into the living room

Groaning with every conceivable holiday delight and some others besides -

Then the Kennedy Christmas feast strikes back.


Back on the lake, Skipper Don gives me the unreasonable opportunity 

To leave a perfectly good D-boat cockpit, climb over the gunwhale,

And balance, flying, on the windward daggerboard.

Even then ley lines we could not see drew us,

Radiating from Minnesota, the center of the universe,

Outward to everywhere, a diaspora of two families, 

Sailing every point of compass over seas to foreign ports, 

Scattering before the wind.


When they, two sisters, out of shreds and splinters 

Had before us fashioned each their boats, raised sail 

And ventured forth together on the sea of love, 

Finding their First Mates; we, the unsuspecting rookie crew, 

Peered out from our crow’s nests high above the heaving daily decks, 

Or waited in our gigs and jolly-boat schemes to set forth, 

Never knowing in what secret crucible within our mother’s hearts 

Was forged the iron bond between them that held our courses true,

Never knowing the Scylla and Charybdis left so far astern.


They brought us all to glide peacefully 

Among the Isles of the shimmering Lake,  

And hot afternoons’ sweet electric storms,

The summer camps, and the winter holidays,

The bumpy lake ice and snowy sledding hills.

We were a binary system, two families orbiting 

Our common center of gravity.


Against the secret undertow in two sisters’ hearts,

Each the other’s only listener to whom 

Nothing would ever have to be explained,

From the abyssal plain, upwelling love so inexorable, 

We could never guess it wasn’t in the lakes, the houses,

The dreams, the music, or the food - it was in them.


The sisters that launched us are not here,

New lives are coming, each with its own tall ship to build,

Its own bold course to lay. But oh, in my memory, 

I can see the Sisters sailing yet, two lovely clippers, 

Having weathered the face of the deep, 

All possible sail aloft and lines fast, 

Flying abreast upon their own fair wind.


 - PFK

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Patti with A Y Craig (Kennedy)
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December 17, 1950 Vaughn WA Gramma/Poet/Retired Tech.Writer Married 2
"There is nothing, absolutely nothing, half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats...." Kenneth Graham, The Wind in the Willows

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