July 26, 2017
1 Year, 9 months and 26 days since
our celebration.
Ocean View at Bella Beach, OR
Ocean View at Bella Beach, OR

Wednesday, JULY 26 - Sunday, July 30 2017
Update: May 15th

It's less than 2 months till we get together at BELLA BEACH just south of Lincoln City. Oregon.

So far there are 40 of us who will be gathering together. 

Check out the When You Arrive and the Eating & Playing web pages for lots of additional information and details.

I hope everyone saw the e-mail that Ben sent out with lots of additional recreational recommendations and a good restaurant in Lincoln City. Check the Things to Do page to see the details and links.

How Many DIRECT descendants do Juanita and Gigi have?

If we have a gathering in 2021, where should it be ?

Black Hills
North or South Carolina
Somewhere Else
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